About Duke and Dot

Is The True Story of Duke and Dot really a true story?

A brief history of Duke and Dot

The answer to the question above is yes, it is a true story! Duke and Dot are both purebred American Pointers raised by Barilla Kennels Canada outside Ottawa, Ontario.

The Pointer breed has roots dating as far back as 16th century England. The breed was brought to the United States in the late 1800’s, where they flourished in abundant open hunting land. They earned the nickname “bird dog” on account of their remarkable ability to detect birds (especially grouse and quail) in large fields.

They’re called Pointers because that’s exactly what they do when they detect the scent of a bird. They stop, point their nose in the bird’s direction, erect their tales, and wait patiently for the hunter to flush the bird out of the grass.

Duke pointing in a field in Ottawa, Ontario

Duke pointing in a field in Ottawa, Ontario

Duke hails from a highly esteemed national championship bloodline known as the Elhew bloodline. He is exceptionally large for an American Pointer (he was larger than all the other males at the farm), giving him a natural advantage of strength and endurance. Duke competed in multiple NSTRA (National Shoot To Retrieve Association) field trials around North America during his career.

Duke retires and moves to BC

Duke in BC

Duke in Osoyoos, BC

Early in 2011, after a 7 year career as a hunting dog, it was time for Duke to retire. A.T. Valle and her fiance were living in Ottawa at the time, and when they heard that Duke needed a new home, they went to go meet him.

Almost immediately, they knew there was something truly special about Duke. He was majestic, proud, strong and attentive. They brought him home that week, and he has been a part of their family ever since.

Later that year, A.T. Valle and her fiance moved back to their hometown of Vancouver, BC. They drove across the country (a road trip that lasted nearly a week), with Duke in the backseat.

Duke and Dot are reunited

In 2013, A.T. Valle and her husband received a call from their friends at Barilla Kennels Canada. One of the females, Dot, was getting older and was no longer able to breed successfully. They offered to send Dot to live with Duke, an offer they accepted immediately.

Dot was flown to Vancouver, BC, picked up at the airport, and brought to her new home where she was reunited with her best friend Duke. They have been living happily together in retirement ever since.

Duke and Dot together in BC

Duke and Dot together in BC

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